Ralf Kleemann

Mobile Recording Studio

The Music's Soul and Spark

Through my work as a sound engineer, I'm helping you to bring across the emotion, the music's soul and spark. Preferably, we record in a pleasant and natural sounding room and in a relaxed atmosphere, using only as much technology as absolutely needed, but of the highest quality. [0]

Various adaptable recording techniques cover all situations from solo artists, ensembles and bands, to full-scale classical orchestras. The equipment is completely portable and can be set up in any conceivable location, including off-the-grid places. Although being small in dimension, the resulting sound meets the most demanding standards—it's the state of the art in digital recording. [1]

If my clients need further assistance, I will also take care of other steps necessary for the final album, including photography, recording videos, booklet design, and other deliverables. This can all be taylored into a package that matches your needs, e. g. for a concert recording, an audio book, a demo CD, or a complete CD and/or vinyl album.

Located in northern Germany, with trips to Ireland, Scotland, England, Switzerland and France, I'm very flexible in regards to recording locations.

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