Ralf Kleemann

Mobile Recording Studio

Tools of the Trade

Next to a fine assortment of recording tools, you will benefit from a pair of classically trained ears, as well as 20 years of experience in sound engineering, digital editing, and live mixing. That way, all technology can fade into the background—just relax and create wonderful music!

Recording & Editing

Based on three reference-class audio interfaces by Metric Halo. Metric Halo's Mobile I/O iInterfaces are renowned for their excellent resolution and sonic clarity.

Recording can be done on 18 channels simultaneously at up to 192 kHz [2] sample rate, and plenty of DSP muscle for complex mixdowns and sound improvements or personalised monitoring.

For editing and mixing, I use Logic Pro X and some other software tools (see below). All standard stereo and surround formats can be created and edited. Incorporating video is always an option, too.

Mastering is done in-house or externally through a studio partnership.


Microphones by DPA, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure.

Preamplifiers in transistor and vacuum tube designs.

Specialised microphones and other equipment are rented on request.

Live & PA

  • Soundcraft portable mixing console & effects unit, 12 channels
  • dbx 266 XL - Compressor/limiter (mod.)
  • Custom-made DI boxes
  • Various effect pedals

Other PA equipment is rented on demand.


  • Neumann CF3i Studio Signal ("Are you recording this...?" ;-)
  • Digital 2-track field recorder (24/96)
  • Solar-powered batteries for independent field recordings and ultra-clean power supply
  • >200 meters of high quality, double-shielded MTI audio cables

  • Bezzera BZ02 espresso machine
  • Assortment of fine teas, coffees and fresh pastry

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